Help for Driver Easy

Update Network Driver Offline

The Offline Scan feature of Driver Easy allows you to update your network driver when your computer can’t connect to the Internet.

To use Offline Scan to update your network driver:

1) Run Driver Easy.

2) Click Tools.

3) Click Offline Scan.

4) Select Offline Scan and then click Continue.

5) Click Browse.

6) Choose where you want to save your offline scan result, then click Save.

7) Click Offline Scan.

8) Click OK when the offline scan file has been saved.

9) Copy the offline scan file and paste it to another computer that has Internet access.

10) Download and install Driver Easy on that computer.

11) On the computer that has Internet access, run Driver Easy.

12) Click Tools.

13) Click Offline Scan.

14) Select Upload Offline Scan File, then click Continue.

15) Click Browse.

16) Go to where you’ve saved your offline scan file. Then select the file and click Open.

17) Click Continue.

18) Click Download.

19) Choose where you want to save your network driver, then click OK.

20) Wait for the download process to complete.

21) Move the driver file to your own computer that needs the network driver.

22) Open the driver file, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the network driver on your computer.