About us

Making life easier for more than 3 million customers

Windows is great… when it works. But when it stops working properly, getting it back on track can be a big – and very time-consuming – challenge.

Since 2009, it’s been our mission to help people overcome that challenge.

We believe in easy

Most Windows problems are caused by drivers. But for some reason, Microsoft has never made it easy for customers to identify the problem driver and replace it.

Instead, you have to figure out what hardware you have and who manufactured it, then you have to visit the websites of those manufacturers, find the driver download page, then locate the latest driver for your particular combination of hardware and operating system. Then you have to download and install it, and hope that it solves the problem. And if you happen to download the wrong driver, you make the problem even worse!

This is not how software should work.

You should be able to just click a button to find out what’s causing your Windows problems, and another to fix them.

Rice-cooker easy

Our founder, Kevin Zheng, believes that software designers and developers should take their cues from things that are simple to use in the real world. (Yes, he’s a big fan of Donald Norman’s book – The Design of Everyday Things.)

Kevin’s favourite example is the rice cooker…

“When I was a boy, growing up in China, cooking rice was hard. There were so many ways you could ruin it: too much water, too much rice, wrong temperature, wrong cooking time, and a hundred other variables.

Then the electric rice cooker came out and solved all of those problems. Now, cooking rice is as simple as pressing one big button.

I believe fixing Windows driver problems should be just as easy. Which is why I called our product Driver Easy, and why I called our company Easeware.”

So we built the right team

We’ve spent the last decade bringing together a team we’re exceptionally proud of: 19 full-time staff, including 5 engineers, 10 editors, a tech-support specialist, 2 designers and an HR manager. Together they’re the perfect combination of technical skills, professional experience and personal dedication to our vision of ‘making difficult easy’.

And we make sure they love coming to work. We’ve created a working environment that’s stimulating, rewarding, challenging and dynamic, with roles that are tailored to the individual, a flat structure, and an egalitarian culture that encourages open-mindedness and challenging of the status-quo.

It’s also fun, with company-sponsored social events, office parties, exercise equipment, personal research projects, technology excursions and even an annual, week-long company retreat, at a different destination each year (last year was Thailand!).

Perhaps most importantly of all, though, every member of our team gets a share
of the company’s revenue, in addition to their salary. So they go out of their way to ensure our products – and our customer service – are truly memorable. Because when you love the Easeware experience, you come back, and you rave about us to your friends, family and colleagues. So everyone buys in, personally, to our vision.

And the best processes

As with software, the best processes are smarter. We’ve spent years refining our driver validation processes to ensure the drivers we include in our product are correct, up-to-date, secure, safe and stable.

This is critical because not all manufacturers get their drivers certified by Microsoft – particularly for older hardware. (It’s a very rigorous and time-consuming process, and for manufacturers with a lot of devices and drivers, it can become quite expensive.)

Our tests are a lot more hands-on and practical than Microsoft’s tests too. Because drivers behave differently on different computers, different versions of Windows, and even in the presence of different software applications, the only way to really tell if a driver will be stable, compatible and safe for everyone is to physically test it on all the popular hardware / operating system / software combinations. Learn more about our driver testing process…

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Easeware team or our Driver Easy software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be only too pleased to help.